MTW staff is a team in which everyone in his workplace tends not to expose to danger both his own life and health, and the lives and health of others by his actions.

Policy on workplace safety

According to Upper executive management Policy in the field of workplace safety, it is one of the main factors of social protection of employees, their family members and dear ones.

The main objective of OJSC “MTW” in the workplace safety sphere is the activity aimed at the creation of healthy and safe working conditions for employees by eliminating the causes of industrial injuries and occupational illness, accidents and incidents at production sites, to the extent reasonably practical, given the nature of the enterprise activity.

In order to solve the assigned problems, Upper executive management of OJSC “MTW” undertakes the following obligations:

  • Compliance with government regulations of workplace health and safety, which are applicable to the enterprise;
  • Conduct of ongoing training and regular advanced training of staff on workplace health and safety;
  • Work performance on the identification and removal of dangerous and harmful production factors in the workplace, prevention of industrial injuries and occupational illness;
  • Continuous improvement of workplace safety management system of the enterprise by means of analyzing its performance.

Safety arrangements in the workplace and off-site

Workplace safety is a complex activity, which involves all the employees of the enterprise from Director General, managers at all levels, and experts, workers to employees of other organizations whose activities may have an impact on safety level.

The main objective is to identify and minimize risks, which employees of the enterprise and any other company performing work on MTW territory, or employing MTW staff on their premises may be exposed to. To ensure the accepted workplace safety policy each structural department develops its own objectives for safety assurance. Achieving the stated objectives, reducing identified risks are an important part in an overall analysis of the work performed at the enterprise. The work on technical upgrading and modernizing of production units is constantly performed, measures on protection of employees from the adverse effects of industrial processes, identified in the certification of workplaces on working conditions are developed, actions of “Occupational health plan”, which is a supplement to the Collective Employment Agreement, and other programs are implemented annually. The taken measures provide a fault-free and safe operation of the equipment, helps to reduce the number of jobs with harmful and dangerous working conditions.

Health care of employees and their families

Prevention is more effective and less expensive than treatment or rehabilitation.

A great attention is paid to the employees' health care issues at Minsk tractor works. The taken measures in the field of health care are aimed not only at the prevention of general and occupational illness, but also at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the employees and their families. There are 19 health stations and 4 dental offices to ensure timely medical assistance on the premises of the enterprise. Conducting preliminary, when entering the workplace, and occasional medical examinations of employees, providing the widest range of medical services, is organized in SC “MTW-Health care Center”. There are a health center “Rudnia” and a recreation facility “Viacha” as part of the association, where our employees can have a rest with their families and undergo a health improvement program if necessary. Children's camp “Belarus” annually invites employees' children for a summer vacation. There are the House of physical training and Sports and Physical club at the enterprise for exercise and sports.

In addition, a set of measures of “Perspective plan making employees' working conditions acceptable, appropriate according to the results of a comprehensive sanitary assessment...”, “Health” program, the employees are vaccinated against seasonal influenza and acute respiratory infections. The Commission for recovery, created by the executive management decision, coordinates the activity in the field of the employees’ health care.


OJSC “MTW” is constantly taking measures in order to improve working conditions, prevent injuries, general and occupational illness.

Minsk tractor works was the first among the enterprises of the Ministry of Industry to implement and certify a workplace safety management system according to the international standard OHSAS 18001.

The workplace safety management system accepted at the enterprise inherently permeates the entire structure of production management and stipulates bringing management decisions on workplace safety to the notice of managers at all levels and executives, allows for control over the implementation of these decisions, the analysis of revealed discrepancies, decision making on their elimination.

The effectiveness workplace safety management system (WSMS) has been repeatedly confirmed by international auditors.

Thus a constant improvement of the system is carried out, and it, in turn, leads to positive results in improving working conditions at the enterprise.

Due to the work on workplace safety performed at the enterprise, it has been repeatedly recognized the winner in the contests for the best workplace safety arrangements, organized by Minsk city executive committee.