Environmental Protection

Advanced technology in the blank production

  1. The implementation in cast house № 1 and cast house № 2 of manufacturing technology of rods from cold hardening mixtures (HTS) with the equipment of core machines with gas treatment system — the scrubbers for emissions neutralization allowed to reduce emissions of phenol, formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide by 31.2 tons per year;
  2. The modernization of a molding shop in cast house № 2 with the installation of automatic molding line with a batch-preparation shop allowed to reduce emissions of inorganic dust by 27.5 tons per year.
“Hot briquetting of metal chip device” block

“An environmental effect of introduction a hot briquetting section is achieved by afterburning of incomplete combustion products of oil in afterburner chambers and producing briquettes containing no oil in its composition.

As a result of the technology in operation, charge material used in the cupola heat, does not include briquetted chip containing oil.

Measurements carried out on the cupolas showed a reduction in emissions of carbon monoxide concentration, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons.

Environmental effect from the introduction of this technology is reducing air emissions by 16.5 tons per year”.