About Holding “MTW-HOLDING”

Minsk tractor works was founded on May 29, 1946. Today the works, which employs more than 16000 people, has turned into one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery not only in CIS countries, but also worldwide. And the famous trademark “Belarus” is of great value to us — not only commercial, but also to a certain extent patriotic.


The works was approaching the producing of world famous tractors step by step. The starting engine was the first product of the works, the production of tractors started with track-type vehicles. And in 1953 the production of air-tired tractors started, which determined further specialization of the enterprise. And in 1958 Minsk Tractor Works produced its one hundred thousandth tractor.

July 25, 1966 MTW was awarded the Order of Lenin for achievements in work, the creation of new machine designs and the introduction of advanced technology. January 22, 1971 the tractor works team was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for great success in tractor production, in the use of manufacturing facilities and the development of high-production tractor designs. A millionth tractor rolled off the production line in November, 1972.

In 1995 a group of the plant workers was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus for the development of compact machines. On the basis of produced tractors “Belarus” and using their components and assemblies the works has launched manufacturing of 15 models of so-called alternative machinery: utility, forest working machines, mine transport, loading machines.

Though world market conjuncture in 1998 – 1999 was characterized by a significant drop in sales, MTW has maintained its position among the largest exporters of tractors both in CIS countries and on the largest world markets: in 1999 MTW manufactured 57,7% of all the tractors, produced by CIS countries.

Developing foreign markets MTW was the first among tractor manufacturers in the CIS to certify all the produced tractors for compliance with European Union standards at Silsoe institution (UK). In early May 2000 our enterprise (has- удалить) obtained an ISO-9001 certificate of conformity for tractor design and manufacture. And it means that the quality system, established at MTW, meets the requirements of international standards. It was also confirmed by the results of certification audit, performed by TUV-Thuringia (Germany).

In 2006, MTW celebrated its 60th anniversary. For outstanding achievements in economic development the enterprise was awarded Honorary State Banner of the Republic of Belarus. In October 2008, the Minsk Tractor Works specialists brought a gold medal from the Russian agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn”, held in Moscow. And in 2009 at the International specialized exhibition “AGRITECHNICA” in Hanover president of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) Karl Albrecht Bartmer handed a silver medal to the representatives of Belarusian industrial flagship. It was the first time in the entire history of “AGRITECHNICA” that the manufacturer from CIS countries has won such a high award. One of the results of our participation in the VI International specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery “AgroTech Russia — 2011” which was held in Moscow as part of “Golden Autumn”, has once again become the highest award of the sample, as well as Peasants’ Choice Award. Today customers are offered more than a hundred models of tractors, in more than two hundred assembly options for all climatic and operational conditions. New models have vast unitizing opportunities with agricultural machines of different manufacturers. All the traded tractors have international certificates confirming their compliance with the European Union standards and homologation tests in the largest test centers of Western countries. OJSC “MTW” designs, manufactures and exports wheeled tractors and spare parts for them, launches their production under a license abroad, establishes and conducts service of delivered machines, provides training on operation and maintenance of produced machinery.

At the moment all the necessary auxiliary shops are created at the works which operate core production, as well as repair shops engaged in the manufacture of non-standard equipment and repair of master funds. MTW metallurgical production possesses a large complex of modern mechanized shops, where production is based on a sufficiently high technical level. Each of them can be compared with a separate works.

Competitiveness of the products of OJSC “MTW” is tested by life itself and a long representation in the markets of developed countries. Farmers all over the world are attracted by tractors "Belarus" primarily because of their service reliability, ease of operation, availability of maintenance and reasonable prices.

Currently the structure of the Holding includes 13 enterprises besides OJSC “MTW”:
  • Bobruisk tractor parts and units plant
  • Vitebsk tractor spare parts plant
  • Minsk gear plant
  • Smorgon assembly plant
  • Khoyniki hydraulic equipment plant
  • Narovlya hydraulic equipment plant
  • Mozyr machine-building plant
  • Lepel repair and mechanical plant
  • Orsha tools plant
  • Brand trade industry
  • Gomel Plant of Machine Tools and Units
  • StankoGomel