Training Center

Order of the General Director of "MTZ" №460 from 14.09.2005 in the structure of the marketing service created "Training Center" MTZ ". Centre unites previously disparate (performed by other parts of the plant) of training of specialists involved in the sale, maintenance and servicing of equipment "MTZ".

Training center is staffed full-time professors (former experienced staff of design and marketing services), and, moreover, has the ability to attract to lectures and practical studies of other plant specialists. Designed and equipped with modern facilities and training programs, as well as the split models of tractors, three classes, which can be trained at the same time the three groups of up to 25 people each, the program 35 hours of theoretical courses and practical exercises, in the amount of 33 hours of training.

Over the years, the training center with the large amount of organizational and performed construction work on the training center, trained 13,765 people.

Training is carried out mainly in the offseason, agreed upon with the customer as possible, at the MTP or onsite.

Specialists training center constantly improve the learning process, are working to bring as much as the process of learning to customers.

You can order services of the Training Center «MTZ» (mainly charged) by :

«Training center for technical and service "MTZ" informs you that from 01.09.2012 starts in test mode, the system of distance learning features of operation, maintenance and servicing of tractors "Belarus". In the first phase started in place a training program for the tractor.

This means that by going to the address, students have the opportunity to study a course of lectures on relevant models of tractors and at the end of each topic to pass tests, verifying the level of mastery of the material.

Will be grateful for the constructive suggestions for improving the test version of the system, which will be taken into account and when you start training programs for dealers, mechanics, teachers and other professionals.

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