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Main > Products > Building-block design > Agricultural implements > PKMP-4-40R

Mounted plough PКМP-4-40R for systematic plowing


Plough PКМP-4-40R is intended for tillage of previously cultivated weakly- and medium stony soils with specific resistance to 0.1 МPа (1.0 kgf/cm²) and tillage depth to 25 cm. Ploughs operate on all types of soils, with moisture of cultivated layer to 25 %. The height of stubble and herbage is to 25 cm.

Plough is mounted on BELARUS 1221 tractor, with 1800 mm tractor track width.

Plough is equipped with multiple operated safety devices of bodies with springing element in a form of leaf spring (bow springs), serving for plough rising at runover on obstacles (stones and other subjects) and automatic entry after overcoming the obstacles.

Bodies with semidigger mouldboardss are installed on plough. Plough point is strengthened by reversible chisel. All wearing parts of bodies are made of high-quality steel and heat treated.

Number of bodies 4
Type of body semidigger
Operating width of base, cm 40
Protection of base bow spring
Operating width of plough, m 1,6
Operating travel speed, km/h 7 - 9
Tilling depth, cm 27
Possible capacity , ha/h 1,11
Overall dimensions of plough, mm:
   length 4670
   width 2200
   height 1500
Weight, kg 980
Distinctive feature of plough Adjustment of base width
Types of cultivated soils Intended for tillage of all types of soils (weakly- and medium stony) with specific resistance to 0.1 MPa
Drawbar category of tractor on which it may be mounted 2
Manufacturer Minsk Gear Factory