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Welcome to the official internet portal of OJSC "Minsk Tractor Works"

       You can contact our OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVES to purchase products, produced by Minsk Tractor Works. Due to the wide network you can contact representative office in your country, region and city. There you can find out all interesting information regarding purchasing.

       Full line of products, produced by OJSC MTW, you can find in part PRODUCTS.

       “Minsk Tractor Works” has been based on May, 29th, 1946. For more than semicentenial history of the existence, the works has turned to one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world on which 30000 people work almost. For its history MTW has made more than 3 million tractors from which more than 500 thousand were delivered approximately to 100 countries of the world. Today 62 models of different kinds of machines, more than in hundred assembly variants for all climatic and operational conditions are offered to customers. The new models of tractors have a lot of possibilities for attaching implements made by different manufacturers. All selling tractors have received the international certificates confirming their conformity to standards of the European Union. Besides the tractors, OJSC MTW offers a wide range of special purpose vehicles for logging and care of forest, loaders, vehicles for municipal services, for works in mines.

       In the beginning of May, 2000 our enterprise has received the certificate of conformance of quality system for designing and manufacture of tractors according to ISO-9001. This means, that Minsk Tractor Works has the quality system corresponding to requirements of the international standards.  It was confirmed also with results of the certification audit carried out by firm TÜF-Tjuringija (Germany).

       Minsk Tractor Works invites all interested parties. Specialists of our works are always ready to provide timely and professional assistance in technical matters and in matters of sales and after-sales service. MTW is always open for mutually beneficial cooperation.

       You can get after-sales service in our official service centers located around the world. Also enterprise and its representatives sell all spare parts for all products manufactured by the enterprise. List of service centers you can see here.

Regarding to purchasing of machinery, please contact the following numbers:
Chief of commercial department for foreign countries
Tel.: (+375 17) 2466147; 2306812; 2307497